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I enjoy working with Patricia immensely. Not only is she highly skilled, effortlessly blending an abundance of knowledge, techniques and personal talent into each and every session, she is also a deeply caring person who is is committed to supporting and empowering her clients. I have had both the pleasure of having Patricia as my instructor as well as my practitioner and enjoy our time together immensely. Working with Patricia has enabled me to become much more connected and in touch with myself and my life purpose, opening the door for personal growth, expansion and forward movement in my life.  Joanne Thompson, AMT Trainer


I had the pleasure of taking a number of programs with Patricia and all were hugely valuable and I am still using the techniques she taught me to this very day.  She has a lot of experience and knowledge of the material she teaches and so I am still happy that I choose to take the programs from her.  Generous and attentive, Patricia obviously cares deeply about the content she is delivering as well as caring that her learners get the best outcomes from her trainings. As a person she is one of the kindest and warm-hearted people I have met over the years.  She is hugely committed as she is always making herself available for any questions or needed resources long after the trainings have occurred.  I would recommend anyone to take a workshop from her.  Richard Hyams, AMT Trainer 




EMO May 12-13, 2012


It’s About Energy

 Healing With EMO


Venue:  LaQuinta Dallas LBJ
7815A LBJ Frwy.
Dallas, TX  75251


Elegant, Fast, Extremely Simple, Beautiful, Powerful, Profound 

  • Heal relationships
  • Remove stress
  • Remove fear
  • Remove panic attacks
  • Help you achieve your goals and dreams
  • Resolve/repair emotional trauma
  • Renew confidence

With EMO  

No special talents needed, except being human. Everyone is welcome and can learn this simple process and technique. Learn to heal yourself, your friends family and clients. Change your thinking, improve performance, build self esteem, safely drop your shields and reconnect with people and life. Make lasting change. Rediscover the REAL you. Feel the energies of life flowing through you.

For healers of any kind, EMO offers a new doorway to exploring energy healing with direct feedback rather than to have to guess or rely on intuition. It does not demand any special talents or abilities from either the healer or their partner in healing, and represents a beautiful, experientially based system for a healer to develop their natural healing skills which everyone is blessed with simply by having been born to be human.

Day 1 Introduction to EMO $125:

This one day Self-Help class is facilitated exclusively by Master Trainer, Patricia DancingElk-Walls.

This 6 hour class provides a taste of what you will receive at the full 2-day EMO Practitioner class, where you can begin to access and energies you never knew were available. This is what you will learn during this 6 hour class:  

  • Learning what emotions are, why we have them and what to do with them.
  • Learn to handle criticism, insults, comments, dirty looks and gossip without damage to your energy body..
  • Also being able to handle the “positive” energy people give to you in terms of praise, compliments and love.
  • Seeing how beliefs about Money, Freedom and Happiness affect you.
  • Learn how to change damaging belief systems.
  • Meet your Creative Template and will receive a wonderful heart healing.  

The course will leave you with a good grounding of EMO and will leave you refreshed, invigorated and with some powerful tools at your disposal to begin to handle what “life” brings to your door.  The Self Help Workshop counts as day one of Practitioner training.

 Day 2 EMO Practitioner Training and Certification $375:

In the practitioner training, the true depth of EMO and its many patterns and techniques really becomes revealed. You will learn about: 

  • Energetic shields and how they can keep important nutritional energy from your body. 
  • Your own healing powers and the many things that you can do. 
  • Repairing damage to the Energy Body 
  • The many different manifestations of energetic injuries, blockages and misalignments.   

The practitioner trainings also pick up on the underpinning theories of EMO; but as with all EMO training, they represent a particular opportunity to both experience ET healing and release as well as to be able to help facilitate it for others. 

EMO Practitioners are licensed to conduct EMO Healing Circles.

The EMO Practitioner certification gives you everything you need as a professional healer, therapist or holistic health practitioner to be able to combine EMO with your existing modalities, as well as offering EMO sessions as a standalone.  Your class fee includes licensing and 1 year’s membership in the AMT (Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies), class manual, listing as a practitioner at TheAMT.Com and EMO.Com    Pre-requisite; must complete Self-Help Workshop or have completed it previously.     

Class Details




Patricia DancingElk-Walls


May 12 and 13, 2012


Registration at 9:00 am


LaQuinta Inn Dallas, 7815A LBJ Frwy., Dallas, TX  75251


$125 Self-Help  /  $375  EMO Practitioner


For more information about this class, please contact Patricia DancingElk at , phone 214-478-6703 

 Contact me today about registering for this life-changing course.  If you life outside of the US, you can find out more about classes in Europe and the UK at www.EMO.Com

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BIG shout out to the most amazing energy healer I know. She has helped me this year in more ways that I can even say. She has helped me heal on levels I could not do on my own, she has opened my heart, my eyes and expanded my awareness in preparation for these new energies. I am Grateful beyond words and Love her beyond anything I thought was possible.   Pam