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I enjoy working with Patricia immensely. Not only is she highly skilled, effortlessly blending an abundance of knowledge, techniques and personal talent into each and every session, she is also a deeply caring person who is is committed to supporting and empowering her clients. I have had both the pleasure of having Patricia as my instructor as well as my practitioner and enjoy our time together immensely. Working with Patricia has enabled me to become much more connected and in touch with myself and my life purpose, opening the door for personal growth, expansion and forward movement in my life.  Joanne Thompson, AMT Trainer


I had the pleasure of taking a number of programs with Patricia and all were hugely valuable and I am still using the techniques she taught me to this very day.  She has a lot of experience and knowledge of the material she teaches and so I am still happy that I choose to take the programs from her.  Generous and attentive, Patricia obviously cares deeply about the content she is delivering as well as caring that her learners get the best outcomes from her trainings. As a person she is one of the kindest and warm-hearted people I have met over the years.  She is hugely committed as she is always making herself available for any questions or needed resources long after the trainings have occurred.  I would recommend anyone to take a workshop from her.  Richard Hyams, AMT Trainer 




EmoTrance Self-Help Workshop, Dallas,Texas


EmoTrance Master Trainer, Patricia DancingElk, will facilitate a Self-Help workshop on May 12, 2012 in Dallas, Texas


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BIG shout out to the most amazing energy healer I know. She has helped me this year in more ways that I can even say. She has helped me heal on levels I could not do on my own, she has opened my heart, my eyes and expanded my awareness in preparation for these new energies. I am Grateful beyond words and Love her beyond anything I thought was possible.   Pam